August 21st, 2015

EMV chip cards

EMV Chip transition for business owners is something you should be aware of if you accept credit cards. You may have heard that the United States is transitioning to full adoption of EMV chip-enable cards to reduce credit card fraud. This means that there will be changes to the way payment are made and accepted since the liability shift is going into effect on October 1, 2015.


EMV is the global standard for smart card payments and acceptance devices, named after the developers:…

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July 15th, 2015

Financial apps can be so useful! Being financially organized is priceless especially when it come to doing your taxes. So instead of waiting to learn about these come tax season, get a jump on things and download a few financial apps now.  Who knows they just may allow you to file your taxes earlier than you usually do since you’ll be so financially organized.

Why apps, well let’s face it we have our phones with us 247/365 and it’s the first thing we typically reach for to do things these…

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December 1st, 2014

accounting apps

Accounting apps to run small business is making bookkeeping easier. Accounting apps are becoming readily available and some of them have something to offer all types of small business. They are not all built the same so choose wisely for what data you want to gain from your numbers. After all as a small business owners your numbers have a lot to tell you about your small business so the investment in the accounting software or app is essential. Here are some worthy mention to…

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November 17th, 2014

selecting friendly small business bank

Selecting friendly small business bank is now just a simply search online with a commitment to chose the right one. To many small business owners are not taking the time to choose the right bank for their business needs. Small business owners need to understand bigger isn’t better for them nor is well known a better choice. Large commercial banks are putting customers second and for that reason with technology on your side, you better do some shopping around!

Whether you are an establish…

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November 7th, 2014

starting a business

Essential tools to have when starting a business are …
A logo lends itself to helping you brand your business. Do keep in mind if you don’t have a great concept of a logo not to waste time on creating the perfect logo. It’s better that you get a simple logo created that’s just okay until you’re able to redefine and/or developed a better one. So while many small business owners sweat the details of their first logo to get it right on the first try, don’t go crazy where a week…

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