Building a successful, adaptive, and highly competitive business takes time and expertise, and the experienced small business managers at Business Pipeline want you to succeed as you build your bookkeeping, marketing, training, and business plan. By working with us, you can gain a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your company’s products, services, employees, and delivery systems. Our reports are unbiased and developed to help you improve sales.

Business Pipeline, Inc. is a business management firm consulting small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers on how to manage, run and grow their business. When you partner with Business Pipeline, we’ll listen to your business needs and help you identify any potential risks to your business growth. Time is money, so we want to make sure your work-cycle makes sense; as do your daily operations. After carefully reviewing your business, our business consulting experts can provide effective recommendations for utilizing new technologies, work flow, increasing cash reserves, marketing and delivering goods, and so much more.

Our Consulting Process at Business Pipeline:

Audits & Assessments: We perform a full assessment of both your company and your operations using a bottom-up approach to evaluate current effectiveness and solutions for eliminating problems.

Strategic Analysis: A comprehensive review of your organization’s external environment, including current and future capabilities, and how these factors drive the success of your products, services, and marketing.

Strategic Direction: Our consultants will carefully identify and make updates as needed to your organization’s mission, vision, and/or value assessment.

Action Planning: We’ll help you form a tactical plan for reaching each of your organization’s strategic goals and provide methods to monitor progress and evaluate performance.

As an experienced small business consultant, Business Pipeline can help you think about the future of your business. You have to set short- and long-term goals if you want to grow, and we offer strategic planning to help people assess their practices and find avenues to improve them. This involves looking at everything from sales and marketing to the efforts of your competition. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps you better refine your business. We know that the best goals are specific and can be measured. Once we help you establish a plan for your organization, our business consultants will show you how to act upon these goals, shaping your individual budget around this plan.

Our Business Consulting Rates

Because business consulting is such a necessary part of our service at Business Pipeline, Inc., our basic business consulting services are free when you purchase our bookkeeping, marketing, and verbal training services. Our advance business consulting service is more in-depth, and provided in written format, so it’s available as a stand alone service or can be requested a la carte.

If you have any questions about our business consulting services or if you would like to schedule a consultation to take the first step in moving your business to a brighter, more successful future, contact us today.