Business Pipeline, Inc. proudly utilized the following resources to empower our clients and help them manage and operate a more prosperous and efficient business. Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. There are a couple of commerce partners who may give us a small share of the revenue. Should you make a purchase using the direct links below. At times they also give you special discounts you cannot get directly from them either, take a look.


Cloud-based document storage allows you to scan documents from your phone or tablet with ease, have all your files at your fingertips, safely store your photos, and share files with customers. It’s free with 500MB of space to start with available upgrades.


Redefining e-commerce this service helps you grow sales by easily adding wholesale, channel, retail, inventory, POS, and more into one platform at a glance, manageable engine. Integrate all your software in a way that improves your performance and increases improve your processes.


Eliminate expense reports and petty cash with this fantastic service! It’s highly useful to your employees and contractors when you need to have them access funds to complete the task on hand. Divvy is a great budget management tool and travel assistant.

Traveling Mailbox

We are recommending this service to our business owners so you can manage your mail more efficiently. Centralize your mail through this service with a street address since PO Boxes are so  90’s. Other great features review the PDF, save them to your cloud, or send it to you.

Patriot Software

On a budget, start streamlining your accounting and payroll with this tool. It’s excellent for start-up and leaves start-ups no excuse to manage their business right straight out the gate.

QBO Plus Test Drive

QuickBooks Plus is a robust software and suitable for small business owners. Are you doing training with me to use this version to practice what you have learned. Want to test drive the software instead of messing up your books. All the data entered disappears once you log out.

QBO Advance Test Drive

We are QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, so naturally, we want you to use QuickBooks cloud accounting software. However, we want you to test drive software so you can see why we love it. This software is for mid-level size businesses. It’s the top tier on the cloud-based accounting software.


Screen sharing software is essential in today’s business world. There are many screen sharing software to choose from; however, our preference is TeamViewer, especially when doing training. Try it out. Personal accounts are free to start.

Checks For Less

Check out the most affordable checks and endorsement stamps you can buy for your business and personal use. People say you don’t need checks–until you do—extremely competitive pricing.


Business Pipeline, Inc and teach you how to use the software. Don’t be tricked into thinking you know what you are doing, then come to the end of the year your reports don’t add up. Let us teach you or and your employees the essentials to avoid a big, clean-up project.

Business Pipeline, Inc. offers a multitude of services for business owners to increase their productivity and business efficiency.


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