Business Pipeline, Inc. offers resources for small business and entrepreneurs to increase their productivity and business efficiency in New York, NY and beyond. Our company proudly utilizes the following resources to empower our clients and help them manage and operate a more successful and efficient business:

Tech Checks

The most affordable checks and endorsement stamps you can buy for your business and personal use. People say you don’t need checks–until you do. Extremely competitive pricing.


Cloud-based storage with secure file sharing, encrypted emails, upload photos, a client portal, workflow management and the ability to add e-signature and screen sharing. You can get a 30 day free trial so we encourage you to try it out! You also get 2 TB of space.


Cloud-based document storage that allows you to scan documents from your phone or tablet with ease, have all your files at your fingertips, safely store your photos and share files with customers. It’s free with 500MB of space to start with available upgrades.


It’s never been easier to incorporate in all 50 states, form an LLC, S Corp, or Corporation and learn what type of corporation will suit your business needs and why. They provide everything you need from corporate minutes to your corporate seal.

Free Business Banking

It’s free business banking with a great mobile app! Good online banking and customer service via their 800

Vertical Response

Second only to videos, graphic emails always get a read. Send a clear message with this easy-to-use platform. You can start with a free account and post your messages to your Facebook and Twitter pages as well.


Fully automated sales tax software that keeps you compliant in all 50 states. Compatible with a wide variety of account software, ecommerce, retail POS and more. Calculates and files your sale taxes monthly, quarterly or annually.

Email Plans

Now you can create a unique and professional email address based on your domain from Business Pipeline! Establish and reinforce your business identity, receive only the emails you want, and get live 24/7 support when you choose from 3 competitively-priced plans: Personal, Business, and Unlimited Business.

Fax Thru Email

We can help you replace your bulky old fax machine with a convenient and paper-free solution! With Fax Thru Email, you can send and receive faxes over the web using your own unique fax number. Save money and time as incoming faxes go directly into your email inbox, available from any device that uses email!

Our Online Solutions:

Business Pipeline, Inc. brings technological capability to your business with a full suite of digital services to support your enterprise! Because having a fully functional and responsive website is a big part of your company’s identity, we offer digital services designed to enhance your marketing and help you establish an effective online presence.

Domain Registration

Business Pipeline provides you with everything you need to get your business online, starting with domain name registration. Register with us and enjoy competitive pricing over the competition, 24/7 support service, total DNS control, auto renew protection, and more!

Ecommerce Websites

With Business Pipeline, you don’t need advanced technical skills to build a successful web store. Our Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy to create an eye-catching store that accepts credit card payments, fully integrates with Google and eBay, and offers multiple shipping options.

Web Hosting

Fast, secure, and reliable web hosting that grows your business. With unlimited disk space and bandwidth, guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support and security monitoring, and lightning-fast page loading speeds, we can provide your business with the perfect solution at an affordable cost. Choose from 3 competitive plans: Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

WordPress Web Hosting

Create your own dynamic site using one of the most trusted and powerful platforms to date–WordPress. With managed WordPress hosting from Business Pipeline, we’ll manage your website set-up, provide reliable backups, and protect your digital space with unrivaled security. Choose from 3 competitively-priced plans: Basic, Deluxe,
and Ultimate.