Business Pipeline, Inc. is a business management firm showcasing talented Business Managers and QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisors offering bookkeeping, business consulting, marketing, and training to Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. As a QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, we are uniquely equipped to help you manage, run, and grow your business. Since 1992, we have been a trusted partner in enriching our clients’ marketing and bookkeeping initiatives and promoting economic growth with experienced and effective collaboration in the pursuit of their most important goals. Our professional business consultants understand the internal and external factors that affect your organization’s growth and can provide your daily operations with support and strategy that will help you identify and take advantage of opportunities with protecting you from inefficiencies and risks.

Business Pipeline isn’t a CPA or CMA. We’re Business Managers. We provide practical advice to business owners and managers who want to grow their brand and services and utilize the latest technology to stay primed and competitive. Our talented consultants can also observe your business practices and offer strategic and measurable goals and ideas to increase profits, enhance your invoicing efficiency, and build a stronger and more attractive brand.


Jacqueline Edwards, a highly sought-after business manager, turning business owners in millionaires. 

Jacqueline Edwards is known for helping business owners from all walks of life forge the path of wealth they seek. She is known for helping entrepreneurs and business owners increasing their to their profits in three years by understanding their numbers. 

Jacqueline is passionate about small business growth. She believes that everyone can have a better life working for themselves. Unfortunately, the reality is very different. Many stay just over broke, making poor decisions and suffering from hoping for success that will not come without changes to managing their business and finances. From understanding your numbers, changes can be made to make better decisions to manage, run, and grow your business.

Jacqueline wants to change that!

Find out how you can make more money.

She is passionate about small business owners and helping them become much more profitable. He believes every entrepreneur and small business can double profits with her profit diagnostic techniques and effective pricing.

She also strongly believes that the business owners who do not understand their numbers take longer to succeed if ever at all.

Do not make the mistakes, so many business owners make every day

Jacqueline started her business management firm in 1992, working with the designers who were selling their wares to Federated, helping them to be more appealing and competitive in the new era of private label programs. She started with their numbers and worked her way through fine-tuning their systems and processes to build strong, sustainable businesses. Once she saw how well her methodologies worked, she branched out to start working with many different types of business—changing mistakes that keep many companies barely breaking even or entirely realizing their work-life balance and financial dreams.

She loves to get things done the right way. Her instincts are to analyze then customize. She sees the clear path where people see chaos. She can decipher and utilize technology and follow best practices. She’s ready to streamline and automate the new processes and procedures that come through succeeding in business.

Numbers matter and she's proved it

Jacqueline took her findings, applied them to her salesperson’s license, and in record time became a licensed Real Estate Broker while still running Business Pipeline and made millions lost from illness and made it all back. 

Jacqueline has shown teachable colleagues, entrepreneurs, and business owners numbers matter. Understanding what they say and making crucial decisions with them is life-changing to the tune of work-life balance and financial freedom. 

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