Business Pipeline, Inc. is a business management firm showcasing talented Business Managers and Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors offering bookkeeping, business consulting, marketing, and training to Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. As a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, we are uniquely equipped to help you manage, run, and grow your business. Since 1992, we have been a trusted partner in enriching the marketing and bookkeeping initiatives of our clients and promoting economic growth with experienced and effective collaboration in the pursuit of their greatest goals. Our professional business consultants understand the internal and external factors that affect your organization’s growth, and can provide your daily operations with support and strategy that will help you identify and take advantage of opportunities with protecting you from inefficiencies and risks.

Business Pipeline isn’t a CPA or CMA, we’re Business Managers. We provide practical advice to business owners and managers who want to grow their brand and services and utilize the latest technology to stay primed and competitive in their industry. Our talented consultants can also observe your business practices and offer strategic and measurable goals and ideas to help you increase profits, enhance your invoicing efficiency, and build a stronger and more attractive brand.

Meet the CEO: Jacqueline Edwards

I started out in 1989 as an Assistant Buyer for Abraham & Straus (better known as A&S), a Federated Department Store. During my time there, I crunched a lot of numbers to turn a one million dollar buying department into a ten million dollar powerhouse. I was also responsible for the weekly and monthly circulars that were mailed out and distributed in-store. From this experience, I was able to fine-tune my skills at running a business. I also graduated from LIM College in New York City, where I focused on “the business of fashion,” so getting into The Federated Executive Training Program was definitely hitting the ‘bullseye’ in my career.

In 1992, I decided to leave A&S. I started working with the designers who were selling their wares to Federated, helping them to be more appealing and competitive in the new era of private label programs. I started with their numbers and worked my way through fine-tuning their systems and processes to build strong, sustainable businesses. Once I saw how well my methodologies worked, I then branched out to start working with many different types of business.

I just love to get things done the right way. My natural instincts are to analyze then customize. I see the clear path where people see chaos. Being able to decipher and utilize technology and follow best practices, I’m able to streamline and automate the new processes and procedures that come through succeeding in business.

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