At Business Pipeline, we know that management and training development are crucial when running a small business efficiently. That’s why we provide soft skill training in various forms to ensure the proper development of colleagues, business owners, and employees. Since the business environment is always changing, we provide what’s called “Just in Time Learning,” which provides hands-on practice rather than lecture-type instruction. We have found that through this type of coaching, we can unleash our students’ full potential. With real practice comes real confidence, and that’s what we know you need to succeed.

Business Pipeline, Inc. provides business management training to anyone who has a business. While we place heavy emphasis on our hands-on training, we know that some situations do not allow for this format of education, so we offer more traditional forms of training. Our most popular training topics include: Learning the Basics of QuickBooks Online for business owners and accountants.


QuickBooks Online can be overwhelming and deceiving that you are executing the work correctly if you have no accounting or bookkeeping knowledge despite all the instructional prompts and pops ups on the software. 


We love the software and offer training sessions to ensure you have the confidence needed to generate your invoices, pay your bills, write checks, run reports, and manage your projects using the software.


We suggest two hours per session for each topic customized to meet your needs. With standard computer knowledge, students typically achieve essential use of the software after 6-8 lessons. We have been teaching people just like you how to use this software since 2000, and our expertise often comes from our personal use of the software. Whether you are a Mac and PC user does not matter for you to succeed with us, showing you the ropes.


We provide training virtually and in-person. Contact us today to discuss your goals using QuickBooks, and we can get the proper training for you underway.


Are you seeking to learn how to use QuickBooks for Accountants to streamline your practice? We have assisted our colleagues in learning how to navigate the software for their use and their clients. 


The software is so diverse that we show you how to grow your practice on the platform—providing you all the tips and tricks necessary to stay current with what QBO has to offer for cloud accounting.


 We know you are busy, so we provide what we call “just in time learning,” so you can learn while completing the work needed. We conduct individual and group sessions for accountants and bookkeepers. The software has thousands of apps to make it more robust, and we’ll share how to vet and add additional tools to ensure the file is unique to your goals and visions of you and your client.


 We suggest two-hour sessions, and our students typically demonstrate measurable improvements after three sessions due to their accounting and bookkeeping backgrounds. 


We provide training virtually and in-person. Contact us today to discuss your goals using QuickBooks, and we can get the proper training for you underway.


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Business Pipeline, Inc. provides business management training to entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, and more in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond.


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