The right bookkeeper keeps a business running smoothly and without issue. With the right solution in place, business owners are able to easily manage their growth if financials are accurately documented. Business Pipeline, Inc. is a full charge bookkeeper and certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor serving entrepreneurs and small businesses in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. The full charge bookkeepers at Business Pipeline, Inc. are fully trained in the latest software, and more specifically the extensive capabilities of QuickBooks. With consistent invoicing (A/R) and payment (A/P), payroll becomes significantly easier to manage and track. Statements and reports can be processed on a regular basis, and managers can download bookkeeping documentation from banks, credit card companies, and more, ensuring you always know where your small business stands.

The trusted full charge bookkeepers at Business Pipeline have experience working with a wide range of clients: from entrepreneurs looking to make their way in the world to small businesses trying to grow and expand, to larger established organizations. If you ever have an audit, you can rest easy that your books will always be in order with Business Pipeline. Our bookkeeping consultants establish the foundation for your records by setting up a custom chart of accounts (COA), purchase orders, and more.

Working With You For Better Bookkeeping

The experienced team at Business Pipeline performs set-up, general maintenance, and forensic bookkeeping. Following an accurate audit and assessment of your books, we make it easy to select the best solution for your bookkeeping needs.

Full Service GAAP Bookkeeping Includes:

  • Accounts Payable – Ensure accuracy of due dates and payments

  • Account Receivable – Invoicing, receiving payments, and sending out estimates could not be any easier

  • Bank Reconciliation – Keeping your financial accounts consistent with monthly statements for smooth, optimal cash flow

  • Credit Card Reconciliation – Track your spending within budget, build business credit, and reconcile monthly

  • Payroll Management – Helping stay in compliance with federal, state and city codes while budgeting this expense

  • Bookkeeping Catch-up Projects – We specialize in fixing and cleaning your books whether it’s outdated by months or even years

  • Expense & Document Management – Proper recordkeeping is an essential GAAP practice and we make sure you can find whatever you need, when you need it

  • Apps for Mobility – QuickBooks is very comprehensive software but we can add some extra apps to customize it to meet your business needs even more

  • Forensic Bookkeeping – Cleaning, sorting, and uncovering of missing records

  • Financial Reviews – Using the amazing reporting system of QuickBooks Online, we’ll keep you abreast of your business performance, file 1099s and taxes

  • Sales Tax – Collect, record, track and file sales tax, meeting compliance obligations in all 50 states

Business Pipeline also makes it easy to balance your budget and view profits when credit card, loan and bank account reconciliations are completed each month. When it comes to bookkeeping, having the right system in place means that your financials are maintained on a weekly or monthly basis, making it easier to manage your taxes and meet compliance in your community or with government organizations across the country.

Our Bookkeeping Rates

Bookkeeping is billed on a monthly flat rate, since you are paying for consistent results and not the time spent on the work. Pricing starts at $600/monthly. If you prefer, we can also work a la carte. We offer many stand-alone modules, including set-up for QBO, sales tax, and recordkeeping. Pricing starts at $500/per module.

If you have any questions regarding our bookkeeping services or if you would like to schedule a consultation to get your records in order once and for all, contact us at 212-281-3295 today.