Our service offerings cover start-up, small, and mid-size business needs. Handling your bookkeeping, human resource, payroll, training, and marketing needs.

Business Pipeline Full Service Management Includes

QuickBooks Online

Everything related to QuickBooks Online we can do.

Business Consulting

We are just the one to count on for sound advice related to your business.

HR & Payroll

Do not let anything about this category trip up your business, we have it covered.


We include deep dive and surface training.

QuickBooks Services:

Small Business

QBO Set-up

Starting with getting the software at a deep discount and then customizing all facets of it to meet your needs.

Data Entry Work

Posting all the transactions in the banking module into the software.

Accountability Work

We help keep you on track with your short term and long term goals.

Compliance Work

Making sure taxes are collected and paid correctly.

Report Generation

You want the report and not wasting time to figure out how to get it. We got it.


Making errors is never intentional; however, fixing them is, so we have you covered.

Training Notes

We have training videos if you learn better this way.

Weekly Service

Do you need your bookkeeping done weekly?

Bi-weekly Service

Do you need your bookkeeping done -biweekly?

Monthly Service

Do you need your bookkeeping done monthly?

Back Work

Based on when you start using QBO, we may need to enter some prior years or months.

Clean-up Work

You have a QBO file and need to clean it up a bit.

Forensic Work

Utilizes accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to examine the finances used in legal proceedings.

Year-end Reporting

Verify that your loan balances agree with your financial statements and more.

Enter Bills

It is a process we can handle if you do not want to.

Create Invoices

It is a process we can handle if you do not want to.

Pay Bills

It is a process we can handle if you do not want to.

Fix Chart of Accounts

You have a QBO file and need the set-up tweaked by us.

Fix Product/Service List

You have a QBO file and need the set-up tweaked.

HR and Payroll Services:

Small Business

Payroll Set-up

Get the software at a deep discount and then customize all facets of it to meet your needs.

Payroll Processing

If you do not have an employee to run payroll, we will.

HR Admin

Recruiting and hiring someone is a lot of work paperwork that is necessary for compliance reasons.

HR Proxy

If something goes wrong at work, you need an independent person to resolve it, we can help.

Employee Handbook

They are required once you have an employee. It is excellent to keep misunderstandings from taking place.

Add-on Services:

Small Business

Sales Tax Set-up

Simple word complex calculations, so let us help you out before it gets out of hand.

Sales Tax Processing

It has to be paid on time every time to the right agency. We can help.

Merchant Services Set-up

Let us set it up and choose the right system since it is not all the same.

Software Stacking & Set-up

It is best when all your essential software works together for good. Let us help you stack up for optimum performance.

Access to Capital

We make sure you approach the lenders with your best foot forward to gain funding.

Debt Collection

You did the work and should get paid, we will collect it.

Cloud base File Organization System

If you can never find anything, we will give you a system that alleviates that problem.

Business Advisory

We have your back on all topics to be discussed, including the tuff ones.

Financial Reviews

We make sure to explain the reports with you and make sure you understand your financials.

Off Hour Appointments

Allows you to book a meeting outside regular business hours within reason.

Onsite Visits

Video calls just do not cut it all the time. Let us meet up.

Incorporating my business

You made it pretty far and want to make it official, we can help with that.

Business Pipeline Full Business Management Service Has You Covered


Since the business environment is always changing, we provide what’s called “Just in Time” learning, which provides hands-on practice rather than lecture-type instruction. We have found that through this type of coaching, we can unleash our students’ full potential. With real practice comes real confidence, and that’s what we know you need to succeed.

Software Stacking 

We use tools and software to ensure a seamless user experience. We identify software to meet the needs of our clients without placing you in a box. With us, it is about customizing software to meet your needs. Our choices result in eliminating duplicate tasks, inaccurate data, and inconsistent reporting.

Payroll Services

Whether you want an easy do-it-yourself payroll solution of a full-service experience, Business Pipeline offers business the right choice with the right payroll partner. We cover it all as you go to small business payroll service provide making sure your deductions, payroll tax, and filings are on point. Let us get you started on the right foot, whether you are a non-employer firm or have numerous employees.

Cloud base Filing System

How you organize your files is more than useful since you can now work remotely and, more importantly, have access to files from any device anywhere. Being organized does not come easy to all of us, so Business Pipeline, CEO Jacqueline Edwards, was prompted to come up with a system to keep thousands of files in an easy to find and accessible manner on any platform. That hundreds of her clients use to this very day for over twenty-five years.


Businesses only grow when they have a solid marketing plan that reaches their target customers. We focus on the fundamentals of a marketing campaign and empower our partners to access user-friendly tools that carry local, regional, national, and international recognition. In addition to providing personalized marketing training, Business Pipeline can help you prepare and run marketing campaigns and capture relevant customer data to engage on an even higher level of familiarity with your clients

Forensic Bookkeeping

Forensic Bookkeeping is the specialty practice area of accounting that describes engagements that result from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. We help detect and prevent fraud with thorough review and analysis.

As a Business Pipeline Customer


Fix monthly fees with no surprises.


We do the work that had you spinning your wheels.


Guaranteed – Business Pipeline guarantees accurate bookkeeping.


We make sure you receive the support you need.

We are Serious About Great Customer Service

We were in a crisis mode to clean our books (years of bad accounting), and Jacqueline helped us recover and get back to safe territory. She was quick to respond, call, and complete the task, even though it was during a scheduled vacation she had. Thankful for her help and support through a stressful process.
JJ Forsythe
Jacqueline is a very knowledgeable business manager and bookkeeping expert. She has the ability to very quickly assess the business internal and external environments, draw good insights and develop sound plans to drive success. She takes her work very seriously and delivers high quality work! I absolutely recommend Jacqueline and Business Pipelines especially for businesses facing challenges and try to get back on-track.
Susanne Potter
Jacqueline was nothing short of amazing. She was extremely responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Anyone who needs a savior call onto Jacqueline!”
Joe Bramley



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