Work from Home Meeting Places

More and more people are working from home and seeking meeting places and spaces outside of there home, Starbucks or shared office space. Let’s face it small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs you think of Starbucks as your go to meeting place in major cities because they love us. That is of course if you don’t have that cute neighborhood coffee shop that doesn’t mind your long visit. But then again that cute coffee shop hasn’t figured out they should have Wi-Fi or space for you to have a meeting. So if that’s the case where is work from home small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs supposed to have their meetings? Here are a few great meeting places and spaces you should find in your neighborhood, town or city:



This is my favorite meeting place and spaces because most museums have great cafes for their visitors to keep them in the museums as well as numerous places to sit. There are always available tables, no one is asking you to get up because they need to use the table, they’re not checking to see if you bought anything, they usually have free Wi-Fi and they are open during business hours. Yes you have to invest a membership but trust me when I tell you that membership will pay for itself. Just remember to get a membership where you can bring in unlimited guests for free. Another added benefit is that this is another place for you to work outside of your home and stay cool in the summer sweltering hot months to save on your AC bill if you are in the boot strapping stage. The best part your membership is tax deductible so go for two or three different memberships if your community has that many museums. Don’t forget to join in on their events too since it is a great place to pick up new customers but don’t be that person shoving business cards in everyone’s hand be sociable and engaging.


Botanical Gardens

If you happen to have one in your community this option is typically serene and peaceful and it may have someplace on site to eat and meet. The good thing about this particular meeting place is that it’s relaxing and will sure your meeting will go pretty well if your client does not have outdoor allergies.


Neighborhood Restaurant Close for Lunch

Get to know the business owners in your community because even though a restaurant may not be open for lunch they are preparing for dinner and you can show yourself friendly to get access to a corner table while they prep. It would be nice if you could barter services with the owner or manager of the restaurant. Or if push comes to shove offered to pay to use the space based on what a dinner would cost. Who knows it will show case your level of relationship clout with your client that you are meeting. This can also work for a bar to depending upon the impression you think the client might have.


Social Club

There are so many different types of social clubs that you can belong to your local community upon investigation the number may surprise you. Investigate what they are and see if they have a space or place that you will be able to use as well. Just make sure the membership you purchase provides you with the privileges you need. Again when you join this social club another benefit will be your ability to network and potentially finds new customers should you be social and engaging.


Your local bed-and-breakfast

A surprising thought but very usable and doable since many B&B have a designated space to eat, read and simply relax. You have not been to your local B&B? Well you should head over there, you maybe very surprised by the goldmine of a find. Trust me when I tell you, when you approach the owner they will be welcoming and think your idea is great. You may have to buy a simple beverage or lunch but the cost-effective trade-off is priceless for the surroundings. Don’t forget to point out that your unique request just may send them a new customers, yourself included.