Website Templates verse Custom Design

We meet entrepreneurs and small business owners everyday and take the time to explain the difference between website templates verse custom design. Many entrepreneurs and small business owner do not know the pros and cons between the two outside of the basic belief they will get exactly what they want verses them compromising which isn’t necessarily the case with malleable templates being design by developers. For entrepreneurs and small business owners starting out here’s 11 reasons why chose WordPress template over custom design websites:

  1. It cost you less long term and short term
  2. They are easier to update 365 depending on how true you stay to the theme or if you have a childs theme
  3. If you are slightly tech savvy you can do updates yourself
  4. If you are not tech savvy updates will be affordable if you work with the right web designer
  5. It’s easy to add new content
  6. It’s easy to change the theme if you want
  7. Using the right theme it can be easy to add additional bells and whistles like ecommerce, newsletter etc.
  8. It’s easy to find talent you need to get work done.
  9. We’d like to think it’s hard for poor talent to screw up a well design WordPress theme but there is a first time for anything.
  10. You can get your website up and running very quickly if you use a well designed WordPress theme and have all your content, site map for web designer
  11. Did you know there are WordPress theme templates that now come in modules that can be customized to meet your needs like a custom site? Inquire about it we’ll show you what these modules can do.


We’ve seem to many unskilled web developer create custom websites that are horrendous nightmares on the backend aka administrative function. They may look good on the front but on the back where all the work needs to be done is chaos and no sane web designer or developer wants to touch it without charging you a lot of money. Or some will tackle it since you are comfortable with their hourly rate and in the end you have sticker shock or end up with the site freezing, taking long to load or numerous other issues which you feel are solvable but without the knowledge have no idea how much work will go into fixing the bad code. When you have a custom built website and lack funds or it’s eaten up your money you tend to have more bad things to say to web designers than good things and make it hard for the good ones to help you.


We’re not pointing fingers but it’s time someone write the truth. Open source software is better in the hands of a consumer when they know how to create what they want themselves! Otherwise novice should purchase a well demonstrated theme, template or have a very trusted developer or web designer you are willing to pay and stick with no matter what differences arise. Understand no one is perfect and second chances are needed should you take the custom built route.