How to Use Different Types of Blog Post

types of blog post

Learning how to use different types of blog post can solve your coming up with content? First understand the types of blog post and how to use them can open up world of content marketing on a timely schedule. I find with our clients understanding the use of what they are doing, it’s easier for them to succeed at the task and gain a lot more benefit. Let’s review the different types of blog post anyone can write.



Different Types of Blog Post

Entertaining blog post primary goal is to provide amusement as you could guess. Depending on your brand this may not be the way to go. If your brand is about having fun or being funny then this just maybe the way you should go but if not, it’s recommended to thread lightly. Also it goes without saying everyone does not have the same sense of humor so be ready for some backlash since the internet has created a platform for people to share their discontent or disagreement easily. If you are really good at humor then it has the possibility of being share a lot. Whatever you do be original and offer at least one good take away for the customer.


“How to” blog post hold tons of value for a business and the customer. They are well received and frequently read and or shared. They’ll provide a boost to your SEO since people are always searching for “how to” and “guide” information. Just make sure they hold some good guidance and don’t gloss over instructions too much. “How to” blog post are great since they lend themselves to being broken down into multiple blog post by sharing instructions thru a few blog post. For example you can have “how to part one, two, three” and so on especially if it’s a detailed “how to”. Considering this technique give you post for a few weeks or month depending on your frequency of publishing content. In the end this type blog post will position you as an expert in your field. Remember to add in video and numerous pictures in your “how to” post.


Media blog post are the most popular since everyone loves visual content. Visual content can be video, infographics, illustrations, and photos to name a few. The more cleaver and or appealing the media post the more likely it will be share on social media platforms. Media post are sure to give your brand a boost just remember to make sure good written content accompanies this type post to improve your SEO.


News blog post will never get old, especially if you are good at distributing the news faster than your competition. If you are redistributing the news it’s called newsjacking and many of us do it with adding our opinion to the post. This technique is highly acceptable and widely practiced. Newsjacking can make you a superstar to your customers who don’t have time to keep up with the Jones.


Personal spotlight post can be great if you have a lot going on in your company or life. By incorporating media with a well written post can be entertaining and keep your customers coming back to see what’s next and build great traction for being a industry leader. Have lots of departments, have them post about what’s being worked on or feature an employee. How product gets to the customer is just as interesting as the end result so share your business journey and if you want your personal life. Customers will view you as approachable or even relate more to the brand due to such personal stories. They don’t always have to show you as a superstar either, sharing what you learned from failure is just as important as your successes which tends to humanize the brand more.


List blog post has a great place in many readers line of sight. The list is easy to read digestible information showing the steps need to get from one point to the next. Lists keep you from being to wordy and boring the reader gather a lot for the ordered list. This type post tends to be a favorite for busy on the go readers.


There are the different types of blog post so hopefully you were able to identify which ones fit in your arsenal of blogging and will help you in gathering and executing content to your readers. Good luck.