We invite you to read what some of our successful clients at Business Pipeline, Inc. are saying about us! Business Pipeline, Inc., is a Business Manager and QuickBooks Consultant serving entrepreneurs and small businesses in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and more. We truly believe that we’re only as good as our latest job, so achieving the complete satisfaction of our client is everything. Click the icons below to read more reviews or to write a review of your own.

Rescue From A Hack

“Jacqueline redesigned my website a year ago, and it was a great experience. My only responsibility over the next year was to refresh content on a regular basis. I didn’t. My site was recently hacked, and in no small way. But within days, Business Pipeline restored my site and I’m back up and running, better than ever. Thanks for your time and dedication, Jacqueline!”

~Leisa Jamison


“Jacqueline was very helpful getting me started with Quickbooks. I had been putting it off for years because every other person I reached out to rushed through our conversation. Jacqueline took the time to explain it to me clearly and walk me through all the steps.”

~Ryan Cheresson

Branding the Right Way

“Marketing is a big part of any business but it must be done properly so I chose Business Pipeline. Jacqueline Edwards and Business Pipeline has been an integral part of creating the marketing plan that pushed my business to the forefront. The branding that was done by Business Pipeline synchronized all of my social media sites, updated my website to make it more engaging, and gave invaluable advice. Per usual, Jacqueline was swift, effective, professional, and accessible. I look forward to more great ideas from Jacqueline and Business Pipeline and recommend that everyone utilize Business Pipeline for their professional business ventures.”

~A.E. Derban


“Jacqueline was very helpful in her advice for our veterinary hospital and she was very clear and direct in what needed to be done. She very quickly determined the errors in our business and made suggestions to remedy them. Many of her suggestions were implemented right away. I highly recommend her as a consultant.”

~Dr. Tufaro

A New, Optimized Website

“I’m very grateful to Business Pipeline and Jacqueline Edwards, who worked efficiently and effectively with me to revise my website and transform it into a cohesive, professional-looking, SEO-friendly business platform.”

~Leisa Jamison

Excellence is Business Pipeline

“When we hired the Business Pipeline team, we were confident that we hired the best. This team’s work ethic is beyond what I have seen in the workplace. By this I mean the consistent followup, positive feedback and on-time suggestions. Business Pipeline goes the extra mile. They actually work as if they own your company – which is great. The Business Pipeline team are true professionals!”

~Everton Mcintyre

Behind The Scenes

“I have been a client of Business Pipeline for the last two years and I have been constantly and increasingly impressed with the professionalism of this business-pun intended. The website that has been constructed for me is professional in its aesthetics and structure.The maintenance happens with such fluidity that I never notice any glitches. Business Pipeline allows me to create with freedom because I have been provided with excellence in a website which allows my readers to navigate with ease. Thank you as always Jacqueline for ongoing professionalism. Next step branding!”

Resume Writing

“After over 6 years with the same employer, I have decided it was time to make a move but I needed new resume to do so. Jacqueline brought her expertise, attention to detail and timely put together new “effective” resume form the information that I have provided. The result was immediate, I’ve landed a new job within 60 days! Also I would gladly use Business Pipeline services in the future and recommend it to anyone who needs professional assistance in resume writing. Thank you Jacqueline!”

~Zenon R.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jacqueline for the great work she did on my resume. Jacqueline has a high level of professionalism and it reflects in her work. thanks again.”