Setting Up QuickBooks Online Case Study

QBO Case Study

PLEASE NOTE: Business Pipeline upholds the confidentiality of its clients. It’s why business owners entrust us with their accounting and business management needs. Given the proprietary nature of this case study this scenario did not affect one industry, it’s one we frequently come across multiple sectors. Nonetheless, names and specific details below have been omitted.


The business owner is not ready for a bookkeeper or an accountant. They’d like to DIY until things become unmanageable for them to grow effectively. They don’t have an accounting background; however, they are tech-savvy enough that if someone would take the time to show them how to do what’s necessary, they can manage without paying a bookkeeper or accountant monthly since the business cannot support the constant overhead.

They knew they want to use QuickBooks; however, after purchasing the software, they had many questions.

The business owner needed to get an immediate handle on the following issues:
1. Did they purchase the proper version of the software to suit their needs
2. To set-up, the software correctly to have adequate use
3. Learning the software without it eating up valuable time they could spend on growing the business
4. Were they compliant so when tax season rolls around they are not scrambling to get things done
5. To get some direction on what they need to know so, they’re not placing themselves in financial harm

Purchasing the QuickBooks software was easy; however, once they got started, they realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. It’s self-explanatory sort of but not entirely. The business owner recognizes some things may be off after putting all their numbers in the software. The reports aren’t what they should be somehow. The software isn’t capturing the data correctly from other platform processing sales.

With Business Pipeline Inc business management and full-service bookkeeping services, we were able to conduct an in-depth interview to learn more about the business. We strive to see what data will help business owners grow their business so they can get the most out the data placed in the software and make sure all systems work seamlessly together. This interview helped us determine what version of the software will best suit their needs. Was the current file being used still usable or did we have to start from scratch?

We get that some business owners don’t want a bookkeeper at this time and just the guidance to get things done on their own until the business takes off. Therefore Business Pipeline can help numerous business owners in the scenario above meet their financial recordkeeping goals. We set-up and customized the QuickBooks online software so, at no point in their growth cycle, the business will not be missing the data necessary to grow the business. We’re able to recommend software to eliminate compatibility issues. Then we supplied them with the training needed to use QuickBooks correctly to process their data. Education is crucial, so we informed the business owner of best practices to stay compliant with sales tax and working with contractors and more.

We understand the unforeseen circumstances they’ll come up against, and in setting up the software for the current and future growth of the business, we’re able to set them up for success. In accounting, you don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late and we advise business owners based on the current and future goals so they can have the right tools on hand when the time comes. We’re excited to help entrepreneurs with what they should know, so they’re ready as they do business and avoid putting out any financial mishaps. We got them prepared for business as usual as they strive to meet their goals.

We usually list the tools used but not this time. Why, because we’re not here to place anyone in a box. We understand that while business owners may have similar issues as a start-up, freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner, they are highly unique. With the differences that separate them from their competition providing them with the right tools and services is what will make them succeed in the end and if we at Business Pipeline can do that we will.

A few of the benefit resulted in:
1. We purchased the software we’re able to provide you with a long-term discount.
2. Time is money so why try to figure it out when they received pointed detailed guidance customized to meet their needs.
3. QBO learns more about your financials as you go so processing the data correctly the first time around has more benefits syncing transactions better.
4. They didn’t have to become a math wiz they just learned what they need to grow their business effectively.
5. Instead of tossing money at a problem they spent money on the source to bring about a real cure for long term lasting results.

Therefore, call us now or complete the contact form below to discuss your specific needs if this case study rang true. We’re here to help you get on track.