Sales Tax Assessment Test

sales tax test

Sales tax assessment test can show you where you are at risk if any concerning your sales tax processing. As your business grows you might be subject to more state compliance requirements. One such area that is complex for a lot of businesses is sales tax. This 5-minute survey is a good starting point for the conversation about ‘where’ and ‘when’ to collect sales tax.

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This survey doesn’t have every answer about sales tax but will put into perspective which questions need to be asked next and with which states to focus. Being fined for not paying or processing your sales tax correctly can put some small business owners out of business. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Learn what you do not know.

Take this 5 minute assessment test and learn how you can get affordable help to keep your business running smoothly by processing and paying your sales tax easier. Automation can be a wonderful thing when set in motion correctly. If you have questions I am happy to help or you can reach out to Avalara upon completion of the form.