How To get Employees To Deliver Good Customer Service

Have you ever wondered what makes an employee deliver good customer service?  This is a question all companies should be asking. Well, for one, I recommend incentive programs for good behavior. Why, because everyone wants to know “what is in it for them?” the answer of their job is no longer a motivating factor. So you have to creatively up the stakes and let them know what is in it for them.

Before telling what is in it for them, clearly give good training of what your company consider good customer service and make it very clear. I recommend placing it in the employee manual. Then state what they will acquire for such great service like:

1. quarterly commissions on sales

2. trips of value (long weekend getaways)

3. movies tickets

4. theatre tickets

5. sports tickets (football/baseball etc)

6. cash rewards

7. dinner for two at a good restaurant

8. concert tickets

9. gift certificates

10. paid vacation (by the day or week so they can accumulate) etc.

How to measure their efforts are in phone customer service to screen the calls that most companies usually taped, really listen in and reward accordingly. Have the customer fill out satisfaction forms, trust me if they are not happy with service they will gladly fill them out. Just make sure they are easily accessible with out the aid of an employee. This may mean you will have to run a small campaign to let customers know you care to hear from them and you really want their feedback. It would not hurt to reward them for a truly helpful suggestion either or simply write them a responsive letter to the action taken. The other thing you can do is make the employees responsible for selecting the “employee of the month” person and give just one reward away per month. Again the trick is to make it worth there while but not put you out of business. Also posting their picture and name for all to see give egos a boost too. And to keep it a constant race to please the customer, who ever gets the most nominees at the end of the year gets a higher raise than normally given or a extra week of vacation paid the following year etc.

But know if you simply treat your employees well and make them love their job and the company, they will give good customer service. Good customer service is an extension of how the employees feel about their job and the company. So if this is a big problem you may want to ask the employees what they would like to see changed in the company concerning them. See what you can do to implement the changes and moral will rise and so won’t the quality of service to the customers. It can be simple things like the color of the dressing room or the office, lighting, smell of a room, the type of chairs they sit in, the work space they have, the condition of the bathroom, use of a water cooler and hot water for free coffee/tea etc. Should you need to find out what they are thinking yes hold a meeting, but make it a free rewarding lunch and discuss the changes needed. And, if that does not work, it might just be a simply, “thanks for working today I really appreciate your effort” that makes the whole difference. Just remember to answer what is in it for them and you will gain good customer service from your employees.