Guide to Successful Creative Relationships

The guide to successful creative relationships you should know.


Be clear about your expectations.

With creative relationships both parties should to be as transparent as possible for the relationship to work. Things should be in writing and agreed upon. Remember without rules you’ll end up unhappy misunderstood and scratching your head in bewilderment.


Make choices you can live with.

Layout? Color scheme? Theme? Bells and whistles? Try to make sure your choices serve you well in the long run. Follow your gut and we find it never leads you the wrong way but do listen to what the other side has to say.


Choose the right partner.

Finding the right partner in a creative relationship can be very frustrating and overwhelming at times. We find going with a portfolio and online reviews not to be enough with out talking to the potential partner directly.  In the end you should pick a partner who is accessible and doesn’t tell you everything you want to hear. We’ve come to hear that agreeable creative talent typically ends up being the wrong choice. They should have some professional insight that adds to your knowledge bank once you speak with them.


Be patient.

We are all too inpatient at the wrong times in a project. You are working with technology and unfortunate things can happen from time to time that required time that was not foreseen or expected.  Therefore if a valid explanation is given by either party value the response, accept it and get a clear new deadline. If this becomes a pattern of course being patient is very trying but a good partner will keep the lines of communication open. They will also have a new plan of action ready based on new delays.


Give people second chances.

Like we said stuff happens from time to time and it was unforeseen but you should take solace in the fact that you are still communicating with your partner. As long as your creative partner is being transparent you may consider giving them a few chances to work things out. Like we said technology isn’t always a clear simple path to expected ending. But as long as you have a valued partner truly working with you, you should consider a second chance because they are needed once in a while for the creative relationship to work. Keep in mind if you are keeping score and judging from an emotional place you just might ruin the best creative relationship you have so step back evaluate and communicate instead of coming to assumable conclusions.


Praise and gratitude go along way.

For whatever reason the Internet has created a platform for us to trash people very easily. Always do your best to praise and show gratitude especially when it is earned. If you got what you wanted from a creative relationship take the time to write a review or testimony so that others know they are worth considering for the a project. Remember to try and be detailed about your praise and gratitude as well, too often we see generic reviews that lead to no benefit for the creative talent. Make your review or testimony worth your while, after all it’s a mark that will lead back to your website too. Remember to be personable, it’s more valued.