Financial Apps to Keep You Organized

Financial apps can be so useful! Being financially organized is priceless especially when it come to doing your taxes. So instead of waiting to learn about these come tax season, get a jump on things and download a few financial apps now.  Who knows they just may allow you to file your taxes earlier than you usually do since you’ll be so financially organized.

Why apps, well let’s face it we have our phones with us 247/365 and it’s the first thing we typically reach for to do things these day. Consider placing a financial app or two on your phone to increase your level of organization so you can become more financially fit. Here are a few apps that can help you achieve this listed in no particular order so read them all.


When asked what other apps could be helpful at tax time, Dietrich suggests TripIt as a good complement to MileIQ. “It’s a great way to record all your travel in real time,” he says.

The app can be used to track overall travel expenses to keep an accurate record of everything from hotel stays to airfare purchases.

Platform: Apple and Android

Cost: Free or $49.99 per year for upgraded version TripIt Pro


Although it’s a competitor to Swipefin, Willis says if he had to recommend another app for tax prep, it would be QuickBooks .

“There’s a reason they’re so successful,” Willis says. “Tax prep is not easy. They’ve built a product that’s genuinely helpful.”

QuickBooks offers accounting software at a variety of price points. The least expensive plan is geared toward the self-employed and allows them to track expenses and mileage as well as download bank data and calculate quarterly tax payments. The Plus plan, which QuickBooks advertises as its most popular option, lets small businesses create estimates and invoices, manage and pay bills, and track inventory, among other advanced functions.

At all plan levels, the mobile app can be used with an online QuickBooks account.

Platform: Apple and Android

Cost: Free 30-day trial, then $9.99 to $39.95 per month


Like QuickBooks, Expensify is geared toward self-employed or small business users, although it could be useful to anyone who wants to easily track expenses and mileage in the same place.

“Expensify is a great app for tracking every receipt that may be tax deductible,” Berson says.

The mobile app uses a GPS to track mileage, and it can help manage other travel as well. Data entered through the app may also be accessed through an online Expensify account.

Platform: Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry

Cost: $5 per month for a team account or $9 per month for a corporate account (price per person)


OneReceipt is one of several apps that allow users to scan receipts, categorize them and store in the cloud for easy access. It can automatically pull online receipts, or you can take photos of paper ones to add to your account.

The app then indexes all spending to simplify the process of finding potentially tax-deductible expenses. For those who don’t have an iPhone, users can set up a OneReceipt account and email photos of their receipts to the service.

Platform: Apple

Cost: Free


If you already use Evernote, the service’s Scannable app might be a logical choice for you to scan and organize your receipts. You can tag tax-related items to find them easily in April.

Up to 60 MB of storage is provided free to basic users. Those looking for more storage or features can upgrade to a plus or premium account for an annual fee.

Platform: Apple

Cost: Free for basic account, $24.99 to $49.99 per year for upgraded accounts


While OneReceipt and Scannable only operate on Apple iOS systems, Scanbot is available for Android devices as well. Scans taken by the app can be sent to cloud storage systems such as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Use it to scan and upload charitable donation receipts, medical bills and work-related invoices. Pay for the pro edition to get features such as text recognition, smart file naming and document editing.

Platform: Apple and Android

Cost: Free or $4.99 for upgraded version Scanbot Pro

These are some of our favorites to see the complete list go to because this is where the list originated but come back and tell us which one(s) you tried and working for you.