Employment Privacy Rights

Employment privacy rights can be a mystery. Many job-seekers do not know their rights concerning seeking employment, so I have compiled a few resources for you here.

According to Employment Law

In most states, employees have a right to privacy in the workplace. This right to privacy applies to the employee’s personal possessions, including handbags or briefcases, storage lockers accessible only by the employee, and private mail addressed only to employee. Employees may also have a right to privacy in their telephone conversations or voicemail messages. However, employees have very limited rights to privacy in their e-mail messages and Internet usage while using the employer’s computer system.

There are certain pieces of information that an employer may not seek out concerning a potential job applicant or employee. An employer may not conduct a credit or background check of an employee or prospective employee unless the employer notifies the individual in writing and receives permission to do so (continue reading here).

Watch this video provided by FTC to better your rights; why take chances? With knowledge comes confidence.  The video is full of information and worth a watch.

Employment Privacy Rights