Creative Perks for Employees

Creative perks for employees can be a big win in a companies benefit offering. At our company we think a lot about quality-of-life benefits that are going to attract people to work for us.  I wanted to share the ones that our employees said pleased them the most.


1. $500 baby bonus for every new arrival (humans only, no pets)

2. $2000 marriage bonus for saying “I do”.

3. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is traditionally unproductive so all the employees receive what we term an extended holiday celebration, right now it is non paid but we how to move to paid soon.

4. Most of us work 10 to 12 hours days Monday through Thursday and get Fridays off year around.

5. We celebrate birthdays in the office monthly with great cake and ice cream and chat for about 1 hour.

6. I just met a financial firm that promotes investing by a employee 5th year, they are rewarded with $1000 to place in the stock market or an IRA.

7. Paid birthday leave. No one works on their birthday, no questions asked.  It’s a day off.  If you can afford it you are welcome to give the time and a half if they do work that day.  You will be surprise how many come in to work.

It goes without saying you can alter the amounts to suit your pocketbook. We offer the regular benefits too but these perks are what our employees look forward too outside of tradition. We hope to growth this list as our company grows. What your special perks, we’d love to know.

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