How to Buy WordPress Themes

This is a complete guide on how to buy WordPress themes. Entrpreneurs and small business owners are selecting and purchasing WordPress themes everyday based solely on how the theme looks and this is a bad idea. There are many vital considerations before purchasing a WordPress theme but many don’t even think of them due to their lack of knowledge. But they typically seek out the aid of a web designer and many designers simply populate these poorly designed themes without telling the entrepreneur or small business owner what a poor choice they made due the fact the messenger is usually verbally abused instead of appreciated.

Unskilled entrepreneurs and small business owners need to learn how to buy WordPress themes. Here are important points to consider if you want to be the one to select your next WordPress theme without recommendation from the web designer you will use to assist you.


Is the layout compatible with your goals, look and feel you look to achieve?

You’d be surprise how many entrepreneurs and small business owners select themes completely opposite of what they want in look and feel as well as to achieve their design goals. They typically want the web designer to wave a wand to put feature there that are not. You should know plugins are capable of adding really cool features to WordPress but you should not be dependent on them to achieve all the bells and whistles on the site. Good templates come with social media links section, SEO modules, responsive theme capability, a section for google analytics and more. You just have to look for what you want outside of it looking so pretty.


Administrative functions included

Not all backend are built the same. Some are easy to navigate and others are not. Some have just the bear minimum others have extra. Some easily accommodate extra code easily and others require a childs theme so your custom changes stay in place. The more the back end allows you to do without the editing the CSS styles sheet is a winner. So are you able to change color scheme of site, add logo, add headers, change which side the sidebar appears, change the page layout etc. Having easy to use features built in with out code manipulation is priceless in a WordPress theme.


Tech Support

What type of technical support does the developer provide for their WordPress theme? Most of them do forum or have tons of youtube videos for you. Others require you email them and wait for a response. Note to entrepreneurs and small business owners not all forums are vibrant nor is assistance easy to receive in a timely fashion. Another form of tech support is a manual or detailed step-by-step instruction of how to for each section of the backend. If this isn’t available, you want to buy another theme. Do your homework, see how many instructional videos are available on their website or youtube and if their forum has current activity if it does not buyer beware.


Cheap Isn’t always good

I know your fund are tight you need to choose wisely but you truly get what you pay for when it comes to WordPress themes. Typically cheap lack all the stuff mentioned above and the expensive ones have most if not all of what’s mentioned above. Again based on your goals purchase accordingly but READ carefully to make sure the more expensive ones are giving you the features you need since WordPress themes are typically not refundable.


Responsive themes are a must

News flash you should be buying a responsive theme! Don’t think a plugin can do it or pay for someone to create one when you can buy a template that has this important feature. If it is a responsive theme it will immediately say so since it’s a huge selling point. If you don’t know what I’m talking about them contact us and do not buy your template without consultation.


Demo Site

Did the developer provide you with a demo site? Do you like the way it functions? Is it functioning at all? If it’s not again buyer beware please.

There are a few developers that offer truly nice designs with great features. There are web designer like us who prefer some WordPress themes over others and know some better than others. If you do buy one of the popular themes and need assistance to customize it seek out a web designer who uses that theme a lot. You are sure to get good results. We personally like Elegant Themes templates and OptimizePress but know how to work their competition as well. Happy WordPress theme shopping.