At Business Pipeline, we know that management and training development is crucial when it comes to running a small business efficiently. That’s why we provide our small businesses with soft skill training in various forms to ensure proper development of business owners and successful employees. Since the business environment is always changing, we provide what’s called “Just in Time” learning, which provides hands on practice rather than lecture type instruction. We have found that through this type of coaching, we are able to unleash the full potential of our students. With real practice comes real confidence, and that’s what we know you need to succeed.

Business Pipeline, Inc. provides business management training to entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, and more in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. While we place heavy emphasis on our hands-on training, we know that some situations simply do not allow for this format of education, so we also offer more traditional forms of training as well. Our most popular training topics include: Learning the Basics of QuickBooks Online, Learn WordPress Fast, and How to Use Twitter.

Learning the Basics of QuickBooks Online

This course is perfect for those who already own QuickBooks but might only have basic computer knowledge, so they’re looking to write checks, create invoices, make payments, and conduct general accounting using the software.

We suggest two hours per session for each topic. At this rate, our students typically achieve basic use of the software after 6-8 lessons. We have been teaching people just like you how to use this software since 2000, and our expertise often comes from our own personal use of the software. We also have plenty of clients who use QuickBooks software for Mac and PC too.

This training is offered both virtually and in-person. Contact us today to discuss your goals in using QuickBooks and we can get the proper training for you underway.

Learn WordPress Fast

This course is ideal for those who have a WordPress site but aren’t quite sure how to upgrade it or make the most of it. In this course, we can show you how to make basic changes to your website without the need for coding, and upgrade and customize your themes, banners, and plug-ins to ensure the site looks unique to your goals and visions.

We suggest a one hour session for this course, and our students typically demonstrate measurable improvements after three courses. This training can be completed either virtually or in-person. Let’s get started to make your website shine the way you want it to!

How to Use Twitter

This introductory but extensive course will help you learn how to setup a Twitter account, identify your goals through using Twitter, how to use hashtags properly, and how to get followers, along with other basic tips for Twitter etiquette.

This training is recommended for at least three one-hour sessions. We can complete this type of training virtually or in person as well. Twitter is a growing behemoth when it comes to your business, so learn how to wield it appropriately!

We are also able to offer training on:

  • Other popular social media platforms

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Apple products and software

All of our training courses are designed to enhance your management training and development.