5 Things That Will Keep Your Team Satisfied Without A Pay Increase

pay increase

5 things that will keep your team satisfied without a pay increase is just to get your attention and start a conversation. Recently there was a survey that showed small businesses are not giving their employees pay increases and if an employee wanted a pay increase it was highly suggested they need to find a new job. As a small business owner, it hurt to hear that. So I’m guessing some business owners took to heart never issuing a pay increase and that is not the case. You should definitely issue pay increase but maybe it won’t be as often as larger firms. And yes while there are other ways to give back, keep in mind to retain your best employee just as the cost of living increases you have to increase your employee’s paychecks when they earn it. Here are a few benchmarks to gauge their pay increase against.

If you like to discuss any particular benchmark, contact us. We’re here to help you grow your business and you cannot actually achieve that without giving a pay increase to your employees. Feel free to share these graphics on your social media pages.