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Whether one-on-one or in a group, training can be a cost-effective way for an individual and/or employees of an organization to enhance their soft skills, and/or adaptation to changing roles, and/or systems.

Training is a key support we provide our small businesses with. Soft skill training is essential to the development of any successful

business to the owner and their employees. Business environments change can change quickly, and outside help is

often required to deliver the necessary knowledge in real time. “Just in time” learning is especially powerful as employees learn by hands-on doing, rather than sit-and-listen. This approach utilizes coaching techniques in addition to just advisory consulting, and tends to unleash the full potential of the student; they become more confident in their own ability, which in turn stimulates others around them.

For an organization where a classroom approach fits better into the culture of that workplace, we can utilize that format as well and tend to mix and match according to the situation.  Many of our soft-skills courses come with hand-out material that the employees can refer back to time and time again.

A one-time license fee is charged by Business Pipeline that provides your organization internal rights to use our copyrighted material. Our senior course developers are available to assist you in making the appropriate customization to the courses. You may use your own staff to present the course material or utilize one of our experienced senior trainers.


Here are our top 3 training topics


Learn QuickBooks Basics

Typical Student: Anyone who purchased QuickBooks online and wants to learn how to use it effectively for their business. You should quickbooks logoalready have basic computer knowledge under your belt. If you consider yourself a novice at QuickBooks, then take a few lessons with us and when we are completed you’ll be able to write checks, create invoices, make payments, and conduct the general accounting.

Suggested learning time is 2 hours per session focusing on one topic at a time student basic use of QuickBooks will be achieved in 6/8 lessons. QuickBooks logo

We have been showing business owners how to use QuickBooks since 2000. We personally use QuickBooks online (QBO) but work with many clients who use it on MAC and PC. We’re typically hired by clients to clean up their books and correct unfortunate errors that are accumulated over a period of time but that is not what these lessons are about. We want to show you how to use QuickBooks correctly the first time around.

Travel preference: I train virtually and onsite. Keep in mind QuickBooks is very extensive and has many sections to learn how to use so as a student you must be very clear in your objective and have the time and patience to learn it. Lessons will be conducted anywhere since the software is cloud based. If your QuickBooks is not setup correctly then there will be a $175 to $500  for me to setup your chart of accounts, items list because these areas are needed and time-consuming. The best way to conduct a session is when the students has all the financial paperwork they want to enter into QuickBooks. Let’s get started!


Learn WordPress Fast

Typical Student: Must be computer literate. You have a WordPress website already and not really sure how to update? Well, this is the lesson for you. You want to learn how to make the basic changes to a page, post or sidebar? Want to learn how to add a page or post? Add pictures, add a video let us show you how. We’ll show you how to update your plugins that do not require coding, update your theme. Remember not all WordPress templates are created equal so if your template allows, we’ll show you how to even change website color schemes and add a banner IF your theme allows it. The lesson can take place virtually via online screen sharing where you are in control of your computer. The best result you should use a computer (laptop or desktop).

The length of a session is 1 hour. It’s best to have your list of task you would like to learn how to do and we’ll show you. Recommended lessons are at least 3. The reason this is a new world and you have to learn how to operate in it to be effective. We’re qualified to teach you this topic because we have been the project manager on many large scale website design projects. We also have built several small business WordPress websites using our preferred SEO, responsive templates. By the end of these lessons, you should be able to update your website without hesitation. Let’s get started!


How to use Twitter

The lesson can take place virtually or face-to-face. You’ll learn the same information using your Twitter account, your computer, your PDA. The best result you should use site on a computer (laptop or desktop) then once you learn how to tweet migrate to another platform with more capabilities. Twitter is extensive believe it or not so most people typically want to learn how to tweet and what to tweet. We’ll show you:

  • Setup Twitter account with profile, picture on
  • Identify your goals for Twitter and learn what to tweet about besides your meals
  • Understand the reason for hashtags
  • Learn how to use hashtags
  • Learn what your hashtags are
  • How to get followers
  • How to follow people and identify why you should follow people.

The length of a session is 1 hour it’s just enough time to learn what’s needed and ask needed questions. It’s a lot to take in so 3 sessions are recommended. The reason this is a new world and you have to learn how to operate in it to be effective. We have 11k  genuine followers we interact with. We tweet daily because it’s effortless and tons of fun to us. We’ve shown people how to tweet and we tweet for some of our clients getting them pretty good results. So when can we set up your appointment?


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