Small businesses are always looking to someone to lend them money to make to idea come alive or simply grow their business and banks are not always a workable source. So where can a small business owner go to gain some cash infusion outside of friends and family? The answer is a microlender. Most states have microlenders and you can find a list of them thru your local chambers or the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) office in your area. I would not trust to many other sources for lending outside these two due to the numerous scams out there. But know there are many peer-to-peer lending sources as well and will share those on another day.

You should know the SBA increased the size of the small loans it backs to $50,000 under the Small Business Jobs Act singed into law in September 2010. Below are the New York City lenders that make SBA-backed microloans.


East Harlem Business Capital Corp | 212-427-6570 | | servicing East Harlem

Grameen America Inc. | | servicing Queens, Brooklyn and Upper Manhattan

Renaissance Economic Development Corp. | 212-964-6022 | | servicing all boroughs

Washington Heights & Inwood Development Corp. | 212-795-1600 | | servicing Inwood and Washington Heights

Accion USA Inc. | 212-387-0377 | | servicing all boroughs and New Jersey

The Angel Fund | 718-787-1400 | | serving Brooklyn and Manhattan only

BOC Capital Corp | 718-624-9115 | | serving all boroughs

Business Center for New Americans | 212-898-4130 | | servicing Queens and Staten Island focusing on immigrants, refugees and women in the other three boroughs