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Business Pipeline IncAbout us … Business Pipeline, Inc. is a global business management firm with a cross section of services in business development, financial management, general consulting and professional training in several industries across their fields.  Since 1992 Business Pipeline has experience numerous local small business initiatives where the primary vehicle for promoting economic growth is collaboration. The center of Business Pipeline success is focusing on several business sectors by implementing grass root strategies and tactics that with the right infrastructure grows into a strong sustainable business within the local and surrounding communities it serves. We believe it’s good to dream big but it’s important to start correctly so the foundation does not collapse. Technology and best practices are always changing to support the new challenges that come thru daily management of a business, it’s important that small businesses have the guidance and support needed to stay afloat. Business Pipeline has programmatic initiatives that address current issues faced by each industry, create good jobs, and promote entrepreneurship and economic stability across the nation.

Having previously served in the capacities of department heads, entrepreneurs as well as CEO, our team has collective hands-on practical expertise across a wide range of business disciplines. These include business start-up, sales, development, marketing, project management, training, finance and accounting, funding and collaboration.

All our Consultants and Analysts have had significant experience working with Clients on a variety of tactical and strategic areas of their business. We don’t arrive on-site with an agenda to sell tools or other “add-ons.” Our goal is enabling your success through comprehension and delivery of strategies and solution to who you want to reach, where you want to go and how you plan to get there approaches that fit your environment and personnel.

We ask our Clients to evaluate all our suggestions by answering the question will the suggestions they’re hearing make their business better. If the answer is yes, we recommend pursuing those options. If the answer is no, we continue to ask questions till we can help our Clients find answers that will add value to their business.

What you really need to know about us is we definitely aren’t a staffing company or body shop. We are cost-conscious, expert consulting company with experience in advanced business development techniques. We purposely do not list our team’s names and bios due to the aggressive market for procuring such richly skilled talent. 


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