QuickBooks Pro Advisor for MAC, PC and QBO

Bookkeeping is an essential practice to manage and grow any business. While there are numerous software applications out there that are designed to manage business financials and inventory, at Business Pipeline Inc. we are experts in QuickBooks for Mac and PC, as well as the Online version. We’re here to manage and perform every aspect of professional bookkeeping using QuickBooks, so you don’t have to. We have performed bookkeeping services for numerous types of small business, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

How We Can Work Together

Our team does set-up, general maintenance, and forensic bookkeeping. While GAAP accounting practices are standard, a client’s bookkeeping needs can change from business to business—there’s nothing standard about it! This is why we always start off with an audit and assessment of your books to determine the best solution for proper weekly to monthly maintenance. The variables of needs can be vast, so here’s a sample list of bookkeeping services that can be executed:

  • Consult on which QuickBooks software is right for your business
  • Consult on the merchant service you should use
  • Set-up of QBO with customizing chart of accounts (COA), item list, invoice, purchase order, estimate
  • Invoice (A/R) and payment (A/P) processing on specific days of the month (or as needed)
  • Monthly reconciliations of bank, credit card and loan accounts
  • Set-up and or processing 3rd party payroll
  • Sending out statements, reports, and collections notices
  • Download bank, credit card, bills, loan statement and executing proper recordkeeping
  • Tracking receipts for proper recordkeeping purposes
  • Collect, record, track and file sales tax, meeting compliance obligations in all 50 states
  • Filing 1099s and W2s



Don’t worry about the logistics of accessing your financial institution. Privacy and security are essential to the Business Pipeline Inc. process, and we work with highly encrypted software so your password doesn’t have to be shared with our team. Let’s work together and you’ll see. Even the sharing of reports and the archiving of your receipts and statements are secure, and we use a system that allows for everything to be exceptionally organized so that you can easily find whatever you’re looking for, even if one of our team isn’t in the office.

For distance communications, we use, which allows for screen sharing. It’s free, easy to use and secure, and allows us to solve problems and take care of business even if we’re not physically in the office.


Bookkeeping is billed on a monthly flat rate, since you are paying for consistent results and not the time spent on the work. Pricing starts at $600/monthly.

Factors which may increase pricing for virtual bookkeeping services:

  • Amount of bank, credit card and loan accountsquickbooks logo
  • Co-mingling of funds
  • Quantity of invoices, receipts and/or payments to process or email
  • Quantity of A/R follow-up
  • Fixing bookkeeping maintenance errors to any degree upon starting our relationship
  • Fixing reconciliation errors
  • Reorganizing, reclassifying, and/or remapping the QuickBooks file
  • Clean-up of item, customer and/or vendor lists
  • Making books current with transactions or reconciling processes
  • Dedicated day to be on duty
  • Onsite visits (only if you are within 30-mile radius of zip code 10028)

If you prefer, we can also work a la carte. We offer many stand-alone modules, including set-up for QBO, sales tax, and recordkeeping. Pricing starts at $500/per module.

The best part is, our professional business consulting services are included in your monthly fee, free of charge! Consider it our gift to you. If you’re interested in our marketing services, click here!




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I have a successful medical practice and I’ve been thru 7 bookkeepers before I found Jacqueline in 8 years. The state of my books was choking my growth and I knew it. She’s expensive I thought when she quoted her price to revamp 2 years of my books but her confident no-nonsense approach is why I decided to hire her. The end result was nothing short of amazing and well worth it! She laid out a plan which she discussed in detail with me and my CPA then executed it with grace and ease. My CPA and I were pleased to have such a wonderful experience and crash course of education in QBO. I was using the desktop enterprise version before. The systems she put in place to help me manage my finances are priceless and working out wonderfully. The reports I generate from QBO to see my numbers are beyond helpful and everytime I run a report I reflect on what a great decision I made. Folks you truly get what you pay for when you hire Jacqueline.

Owner, Medical Practice